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Timbermaster Skyline Winch

The Timbermaster Skyline winch has been serving the forestry industry for the last 30 years and there are 150 plus units which have been sold worldwide. It is truly the workhorse of the forest.

The ABS version of the Timbermaster does not differ from the original design too much - why change something that works so well ?

The main change is the addition of a double axle option for extra stability during off road work.

The efficiency of the Timbermaster is ensured by many features:

* elevated operating position
* simple tower anchoring
* dual-speed and two lever controls
* safety (one of our main priorities) - a protected operating position, skyline release, hydraulic lowering & raising of the tower.

Uphill, downhill or on the flat, the Timbermaster is an ideal cable logger for most jobs. Along with its durability; many Timbermasters are still working efficiently in the wood 10 - 15 years after they were first built. This is hard to beat as a quality logging machine.

Older Timbermaster machines can be completely stripped down and refirbushed.
Item Specification
Rope Capacity

Skyline 550m, 16mm
Haul-in 550m, 10mm
Haul-back 1100m, 9mm
Strawline 1200m, 7mm

Drum Speeds Haul-in 5m per sec
Haul-back 9m per sec
Clutches Haul-in: Band/Epicyclic
Haul-back: Single Plate
Skyline: Internal expanding
Strawline: Internal expanding
Brakes Haul-in/Haul-back: Hydraulically operated bands
Skyline: Mechanical over centre lock on, with quick release
Tower Height 8m from ground: hydraulic raising & lowering  
Operator's Cab Equipped with all necessary winch controls; Polycarbonate windows
Power Requirements Agricultural tractor or similar with 540 rpm PTO 60-110 hp
Chassis Options Standard unit with single axel. Option of heavy duty chassis with twin axle for off road stability
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