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Skyline EX350

"A Three-in-One Machine requiring no tie backs for the base machine"

      • Variable speed
      • Propelled by the excavator
      • Operated from the excavator cab
      • Reduced setting up time
      • Excellent operator visibility
      • Ease of maintenance
      • Excellent off-road performance
      • Digging facilities
      • Piped for Harvester Head

This is the most versatile winch in our range. It is designed to be fitted as either a High Lead or Full Skyline system on your choice of excavator base. Its immense versatility lies in it's ability to be used as a fully functional excavator or to be piped up for a harvesting head. Combined with it's off-road set-up capabilities and being able to do away with tiebacks - a time consuming element required by conventional systems - the EX350 is in a class of its own.

The EX350 offers the contractor a complete three-in-one macine: Excavator, Skyline and Harvesting.

We have successfully mounted it on a number of different excavator bases in various configurations. The unique ABS winch system makes use of the oringinal excavator's controls, thereby keeping the cabin space open and reducing complexity to a minimum. Modern excavator hydraulics allow for easy and fast operation even at low engine speeds, whilst servo-control automatically compensates for friction wear without the need to pump the levers. When stack heights get too high the winch can be isolated at the flick of a switch, allowing the excavator to be manoeuvred without the operator ever leaving cabin.

For full skyline operation,engine power in excess of 100hp(74 kw) is recommended. No pressure or flow limitation is required, therefore line speeds and pull are dependent on the chosen excavator outputs.

Listed are average outputs for 20 tonne machines with 130 hp engines.

Line Pull
Double Drum
300 bar

1.5 - 3 tonne

350 lpm
7 m/s
250 bar
0.75 tonne
100 lpm
5 m/s
Skyline MS11
300 bar
4 tonne
Skyline MS18
300 bar
7 tonne
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EX 350

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